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Before and After Phillip The Pelican

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Since Kate yelled at me for never posting... I guess I will now. I must say I miss summer so much... I'm seriously counting the days till it is beach weather. I had a really good time at the wedding with my loveys from camp. And agreeing with Kate, yea we do dress up nice and yes you can take us out. hehe Kristin's apartment after the wedding was good except for a couple incidents... that we don't speak of anymore. This weekend well actually the 28th... I celebrated halloween at RPI... Pat came down... but I missed the rest of you, it was a good time, don't really rememeber drinking that much, but could feel it the next morning. So anyway that was my past weekends and events. I miss you all so much, we need to hang out asap loves. Hopefully ... winter and school will pass really fast and we will be back to swimming (not you kate), tubing, sitting and talking about stupid things at campfires, horseshoes, and all the other things that we do. Love you all maybe I will post tomorrow I promise it will be a better more thought out and laid out one. hehe I'll make an outline before I do it. Lots of love...

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